Molectra Technologies Pty Ltd was established as a private company in March 2000 to fully develop and commercialise John Dobozy’s innovative and patented tyre recycling technology. In March 2006 Molectra Technologies Pty Ltd established a production plant at Loganholme. Molectra is dedicated to be the front runner to the technological developments for tyre recycling and manufacturing niche Value-Added-Products from tyres and this is reflected in all of our operations.Molectra recognizes the fragile nature of our world and through innovative technology revolutionized the business of recycling tyres and developed dynamic alternative products and solutions to a major environmental and wasteful problemall around the world.The MOLECTRA® waste tyre resource recovery technology is world-first and a breakthrough in the industry. Our company has taken an unconventional approach to the science of recovering RESOURCES from waste tyres and as a result we believe we have the most sophisticated, effective and profitable system in the world today.

Our aim

Molectra maintains leadership in the tyre recycling industry by demonstrating to the market that products derived from tyres can have both high value and competetive standards for wide ranging of industries.Molectra is dedicated to be part of the solution not only through technological means but also committed to the creation and development of market opportunities for high quality re-vulcanised rubber products around the world. We believe the MOLECTRA technology allows countries the opportunity to process and add commercial value to their respective tyre wastes within each geographical area.

Our Clients

Interest is received weekly from around the globe to purchase tyre recycling plants utilising the Molectra technology as solution to the waste tyre problems in those respective countries. Molectra provides this technology under a licence/royalty agreement by providing a Turn-Key-Plant, custom designed to meet the circumstances and requirements of the client. These entities mostly consist of government backed larger corporations, consortiums and small businesses that have the means to implement green initiatives either as a result of regulatory requirements,government policies, profitable economic reasons.These industries will gain ENVIRONMENTAL CREDENTIALS and can claim CARBON REDUCTION by implementing the MOLECTRA PROCESS, even generating CARBON CREDITS.

Regulatory support and change pave the way for a viable future for the recycling industry.Molectra’s niche ability to be flexible allows us to work with industry designers and developers to design and produce purpose built products as an environmental solution or rubber,fuel and carbon alternatives for applications normally produced from other virgin materials.Companies that equally share our view, support and commit to a sustainable environment, constantly approach us to purpose design products they can use in their respective operations thus contributing to do their bit to improve the environment.Markets covered by our services include the construction, building, mining, agricultural, landscaping, sporting, equestrian, home-renovation, automotive industries, soil improvement and mine rehabilitation.