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Molectra Rubber Technologies provides rubber recycling services for use in various industries, such as manufacturing, mining, sports and leisure, agriculture, water purification, and more.

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Solving a Major Global Environmental Problem

Every year, the world generates over 1.7 billion waste tires, while Australia alone generates 56 million end-of-life tires annually.

This massive wastage poses a significant environmental challenge, but Molectra is stepping up to address the issue. Through world-leading, sustainable, and cost-efficient technology, Molectra is combating tire waste and revolutionising the industry.

With the capability to produce a range of high-quality rubber products that can replace virgin rubber, Molectra is uniquely positioned to offer a broad range of solutions. As a major global problem, end-of-life tires require an innovative solution, and Molectra’s advanced technology represents a groundbreaking solution to this challenge.

Award-Winning Technology

National & international awards achieved by Molectra since 2003

Molectra has been achieving award-winning notoriety status since 2003 for its designed scientific techniques/integrated machines, as well as its methodologies of extracting the components of the tyres in a form to be undamaged at molecular level.

2003 Engineers Australia Eureka Award

2004 Engineers Australia Engineering the Future Award

2004 Smart State (Qld) Award

2005 Global Eco Award (Japan Expo)

2005 ABC Public Choice Award

2005 ABC New Inventor of the Year Award

2005 Gecko Environmental Award

2007 Mercedes Engineering Award (M/wave Tech)

2011 Innovation & Development Prize

2013 Powering Productivity Award

2016 AusIndustry Award

2018 AusIndustry Award

Environmental Social Impact

Preventing Deforestation

Between 2003 and 2017, over 5 million hectares of natural forest were converted into rubber plantations in mainland Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Molectra’s Rubber Technology produces an “infinity effect” that enables rubber to be recycled repeatedly. By embracing recycling, we can prevent deforestation of our rainforests, significantly reduce the energy needed for production, and minimize our reliance on hydrocarbons, all while saving the planet “one tire at a time.”

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