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MOLECTRA recycles tyres
every single year
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       Welcome to Molectra - Tyre Recycling Specialists

It is well recognised that discarded tyres are one of the great environmental disasters of our time and recent studies confirm that only 5% of tyres actually get processed and put to good use around the world.

Molectra is changing this. We have designed and developed a unique technology that transforms the tyre wastes into valuable RESOURCES making it suitable to be used in manufacturing, mining, sport/leisure, energy generation, as fertilizer for agriculture, water purification, solar powered water pumps etc. 
      Molectra Products
    Molectra recycled products 
Our commercial technology generates dozens of usefull products  

fine rubber powder

jet fuel, diesel, lube oil


Carbon Eater Fertilizer

For food producing soils with the additional benefits of sequestering bio-char for hundreds of years into the soil
         The Molectra Process
  Molectra recycling process 
 We recycle 100% of the tyre
          -no waste
          -no pollution
          -no mosquitos
          -no residue  
          -no energy wastage
          -no adhesives/glues
21st century technology
to save 
valuable rubber
(Always refer to safety warnings, when  recycled rubber is blended with toxic/petroleum adhesives by other local or overseas companies)

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 Molectra recycled products 
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Our Business

  • Molectra technology is available under licence to industry and individuals committed to a sustainable solution for this long term global environmental problem. Molectra can deliver 1-t, 2-t, 3-t, 5-t and 10-t per hour Turn-Key-Plants.
  • Commercially manufactures a range of rubber-based Value Added Products ( VAP ) as 100% recycled tyre rubber alternatives to products normally produced from a virgin resources.( natural or synthetic)
  • To continually create awareness and develop market opportunities for this noble cause of alternative uses for recycled tyres.

Why Molectra...........molec(ular)tra(nsformation)

  • Recycles 100% of the tyre material with zero waste, no pollution, no residue, our products do not contain hazardous glues
  • The technology is flexible, allowing us to custom-design a plant and output range for the individual needs of our clients
  • Molectra is dedicated to a commercially viable solution for a global problem
  • "Molectra Rubber" is our promise and guarantee that:
    • 100% recycled tyres were used in the production process extends life cycle of valuable rubber RESOURCE
    • No toxic adhesives used on our molectra rubber products
    • End-of-life tyres are sourced domestically
    • Molectra rubber can be recycled at the end of the product's life cycle time and time again 
    • 12 month's manufacturer's warranty for our turn-key plants